Session the fourteenth
In search of a clue

Back to Griffon Keep.
Searching, searching all around.
On the way to the cave.

Session the thirteenth
Out of Gorrim

Killers on the roof.
Out of the city.
Visiting the obelisk again.
Back to Wolfden.

Session the twelfth

A day at the city
Fire in the window
Assassins at the gate

Session the eleventh
A day at the city

Waiting for the Captain
Interview with the Captain
Family reunited
Courthouse blues
An evening at the Gravtas
A proposition

Session the tenth
Rescuing a girl

Elvi follows
Sound on the water
Rat catching a ride
Elkar and Elvi liberate a skiff
Jaunt on the lake at night
Planting the string
A sleepless night
Cabin in the woods
Big fight
Rescue the girl
At the gates

Session the nineth
Searching for Guiaff

Elkar drinks
Evan “One Eye” second time
Friends and foes
Usual haunt
Raine in disguise
A boy on the roof
Domestic disturbance
To the roofs again

Session the eighth
In search

Out from the Cathedral into the fire
Raine returns to the inn
Elkar seeks information
Elvi and Raine go to the market
Elkar talks to Evan ‘One Eye’
A little disturbance
Guards to the rescue
Visiting the courthouse
Visiting the Gravtas manor
Nighttime excursion to the sewers
Interview with a teamster

Session the seventh
On the road again

From Wolfden to Limoton
Three days to Gorrim
Finding that the inn is closed
Dockside inn
Visit to the Cathedral

Session the sixth
Hosting toadman delegation

Arriving at Wolfden
Elvi brew potions
Raine goes off to the swamp to find things to sell
Toadman arrive, PCs surprised
First night: feast, speeches, starting trade talk
Raine arrives, fog bank
Knights arrive
Second night: feast, more talking, Elkar smooths things
Dalek shows up late at night

Session the fifth
Talking with ghosts

Turning Appis down
Griffon Keep
Talking, sparring, archery, etc.
Raine hunts for wolves at night
Visiting the ruins: fighting skeletons, talking to ghosts
Rebury the disturbed dead
Heading back to Wolfden


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